Are you driving a written-off car?

2020/04, Standard Media Group (SMG)
How well do you know your car? Did you know that it is possible you are driving a written-off vehicle?
After road carnages, devious dealers bribe their way into ownership of written-off vehicles. This kind of endeavor is mainly run by garage and scrapyard owners. In the same uncouth barrel, ...

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Uber for Tractors; Ride- Hailing for tractors is now in Africa

2020/03, Reuters
Farmers in Africa are about to enjoy ride- hailing that will allow them to summon tractors to their preferred location, with the touch of a button. Deere & Co. is working with Uber of Tractors to make this happen in Africa.

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Mahindra Scorpia Pick-Up Launch in Kenya

2020/03, Standard Media Group (SMG)
President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the first locally assembled vehicles; Mahindra Scorpio Single and Double Cabin. Simba Corporation Limited, through its subsidiary, Associated Vehicle Assembly (AVA) plant in Mombasa, assembled the two vehicles that were debuted at State House by the President.

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